Amith Boteju Known Monoymously as ‘Amith’ is a Sri Lankan- American Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist from Colombo, Sri Lanka

By | July 14, 2020

Amith, who was born in Sri Lanka escaped the civil war with in the late 90’s and fled to America as a refugee, by the grace of his grandmother who sponsored him and his family for a better life. Once Amith came to America he went through a multitude of hardships as a child trying to cope with learning English acclimating to a new foreign culture all while being bullied in school along the way.

His Hip-hop influences started in middle school as the African American culture took him in as one of their own and taught him a lot about being a minority in American culture while embracing the hip hop community. Amith was fascinated by the culture and felt like he was at home with it. He started slowly cutting through the accent and language barrier difficulties he was facing. Speaking slang every day and hearing his friends freestyle over beat boxing during lunch hours made him study the process that would later lend to his craft.

After graduating from high school and dropping out of college he immediately went in to working on his own music and building relationships throughout the music business. He came across building relationships with artist and business executives like Swizz Beatz, Ne-Yo, Mark Pitts, and the list goes on.

As the years would go on Amith was able to amass a balanced network of individuals spanning beyond just entertainment, and into areas such as import/export trade, branding and promotion as well as diplomatic ties with heads of state. Amith knew it was important to have a wide range of people in his network because although he left his home land years ago he vowed to bring back resources through business dealings and trade that would improve the lives of those in Sri Lanka. The small nation was overcoming a cease fire of a civil war that had the country in peril for years. He knew it would take the right contacts to help bring the country on a better footing that would be sustainable for years to come.

After years and years of building relationships and seeing who would give Amith an opportunity in Los Angeles, It was by a miracle he came across the Global icon “Akon” at his job. This would eventually morph into the chance of a life time to build a relationship with the international star.

After years and years of hard work, persistent and consistency. Akon in 2020 gave Amith an opportunity to join his new record label “Konvict Kulture” where Amith will be releasing his music. Amith is set to be on Akon’s domestic tour with other major artist. Prepare for Amith’s arrival.

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