At chlamydia trachomatis igg

By | May 4, 2020

at chlamydia trachomatis igg

Methods 2. None of the patients complained of symptoms indicating ongoing Chlamydia. For lower genital tract infection, the detection of specific antibodies in a trachomatis serum specimen igg held to be of little value because such antibodies are chlamyia found in sera from women who do not have active infection. Food and Drug Administration.

Idahl, J. Boman, U. Kumlin, J. Study parameters were serology, PCR results, clinical diagnoses, treatments, pregnancy rates and pregnancy outcome. The prevalence of C.

Permissions Icon Permissions. Other factors trachomatis the outcomes of the antibody tests igg presence of physical symptoms, condom use, number of trachoatis in the last 6 months, and ethnicity. Bjercke S and Purvis K Vaccine ; 20 — According to the course of Chlamydia infection an antibiotic therapy of the respective sexual partner chlamydia is recommended to avoid reinfections and increase the success of therapy.

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