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My grandmother’s love couldn’t overcome hearing loss

One of my early childhood memories: I’m 8 years old, and my grandmother Jenny sits in her flower-print rocking chair like a country version of Edith Bunker, watching the chaos of two dozen grandchildren unfold during a family Christmas party. She seems unflappable; the truth is more complicated. She can’t hear well, but doesn’t do anything about… Read More »

Harvard Chan School, Apple, and NIH launch women’s health study

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Apple, and the National Institutes of Health today launched the Apple Women’s Health Study. The large-scale longitudinal study, led by a team of researchers at Harvard Chan School, leverages participants’ voluntary use of a smartphone research app to advance understanding of menstrual and gynecological health. By making use… Read More »

Medical News Today: Exercise after the age of 60 may prevent heart disease, stroke

A study finds that increased activity over the age of 60 can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Share on PinterestNew research examines the impact of physical activity in people over the age of 60. In 2015, 900 million people, globally, were over the age of 60. By 2050, the World Health Organization (WHO)… Read More »