Kylie Jenner Casually Wore a Blonde Wig Last Night, and It Obviously Looked Amazing

By | June 23, 2019
  • Kylie Jenner wore a short blonde wig with bangs last night to a party, and it obviously looked great.
  • This is just the latest of many hairstyles/colors that Kylie has rocked this year.

    Let’s discuss the Kardashians’ Instagrams. Both Kim and Khloé have gotten into hot water with followers for their recent posts—Kim for the way that her Vogue Japan cover shoot was styled, and Khloé (and her nose) for looking unrecognizable in a selfie. But you know who consistently gives Kardashian fans what they want with her Instas? Miss Kylie “Billionaire” Jenner, who most recently shared a whole Insta video basically just of her butt, because why not.

    And last night Kylie was back at it with the A+ content, when she posted some Insta stories of her latest hair transformation, which consists of a short blonde wig with bangs. And yeah, it’s good.

    Kylie and her friends—including sister Kendall and girlfriend of Kourtney’s baby daddy Sophie Richie—went to a birthday party last night, and they all went super glam with bold makeup and glittery dresses/accessories. However, no one was as dedicated to their ~lewk~ as Kylie, who worked that blonde wig like her night depended on it.

    Here’s a pic of Kylie in the wig:



    And here’s how it looks without that weird green party bus lighting:

    And just in case you haven’t been keeping up with Kylie’s hair, she has already gone through many hair transformations this year, including starting 2019 with this amazing icy-blue color:

    And switching to blonde with dark roots and a center part by the second week of January:

    And then she went back to brunette for most of the year:

    Except for when she wore a long purple wig to the Met Gala last month:

    Could this new wig mean that Kylie is missing the blonde and might go back soon? Maybe. And could it also mean that I have to go out and buy a blonde wig now? Yeah, definitely.

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