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What malaria tablets for south africa

Paediatric doses should be prescribed by a medical professional, as an overdose of the medication can be fatal. Remedies believed to counter malaria, such as garlic or vitamin B, can be used in addition to the prophylaxes, but should not replace anti-malarial drugs. Anti-malaria pills work by killing malaria parasites at an early stage of development.… Read More »

HIV vaccine trial failure is a “wake up call” for southern Africa, say researchers

Gus Cairns talks to Linda-Gail Bekker and Glenda Gray about the future of HIV vaccine research “We have an answer – the regimen simply didn’t work. It feels really grim, though, today.” This was the immediate and heartfelt reaction of one of the principal investigators of the first large-scale HIV efficacy vaccine trial to be launched for… Read More »

Why is malaria prevalent in africa

The treatment, administered at each scheduled antenatal care visit after the first trimester, can prevent maternal and infant mortality, anaemia, and the other adverse effects of malaria in pregnancy. 91 countries and territories with malaria are on track to achieve this milestone. For parents who why is malaria prevalent in africa carry the sickle cell… Read More »