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Health care administrative costs largest area of waste in health care spending – CBS News

Waste in the U.S. health care system ranges from $ 760 billion to $ 935 billion per year, or more than total annual federal defense spending, according to a new study. Administrative activities account for the largest source of needless spending, followed by inflated and opaque pricing. “The prices of health care don’t reflect what… Read More »

High levels of engagement in care by children and young people with HIV in the UK and Ireland

There are good results for the paediatric cascade of care in the UK and Ireland, researchers report in the Journal of the International AIDS Society. Almost all young people have some engagement with care, 92% are taking HIV treatment and 86% are virologically suppressed. The uptake of treatment increased between 2010 and 2016, but the… Read More »

Fact-checking – by itself – is inherently flawed on health care topics

Fact-checking has become one of the buzziest buzzwords in journalism. There are more than 100 fact-checking projects around the world. It’s been trotted out to counter alleged “fake” news.  And to monitor the accuracy of political leaders who stretch the boundaries of believability. April 2 has been proclaimed International Fact-Checking Day. Indeed, genuine fact-checking may play an important… Read More »