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If you could erase the worst memory of your life, would you? Scientists are working on a pill for that

The 60 souls that signed on for Dr. Alain Brunet’s memory manipulation study were united by something they would rather not remember. The trauma of betrayal. For some, it was infidelity and for others, a brutal, unanticipated abandonment. “It was like, ‘I’m leaving you. Goodbye,” the McGill University associate professor of psychiatry says. In cold,… Read More »

New blood test could be used to help millions infected with TB

Protein power The research team set out to create their blood-based test by identifying a signature set of biomarkers in patients’ blood that consistently indicated a high likelihood of ATB, then developing an easily deployable assay that could detect that signature. They first measured the levels of 47 different blood proteins in about 400 samples… Read More »

Hospitals, manufacturers could donate cybersecurity software under proposed regs

Dive Brief: Hospitals and other entities like medical device manufacturers may soon be able to donate certain cybersecurity software to physicians without fear of running afoul of the Stark Law or Anti-Kickback Statue if provisions in two recent proposed rules are finalized by CMS and the HHS Office of Inspector General. The goal is to… Read More »