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What’s a diagnosis about? COVID-19 and beyond

By MICHEL ACCAD Last month marked the 400th anniversary of the birth of John Graunt, commonly regarded as the father of epidemiology.  His major published work, Natural and Political Observations Made upon the Bills of Mortality, called attention to the death statistics published weekly in London beginning in the late 16th century.  Graunt was skeptical of how… Read More »

Spiritual Healing During COVID-19 can be the Medicine for Stress – WLTZ 38 NBC

WALKING, MEDITATING, PRAYING AND LISTENING TO MUSIC ARE WAYS TO DE-STRESS DURING ISOLATION QUARANTINE May 26, 2020 Share this story: COVID-19 has been stressful and trying times for all of us, especially patients and healthcare workers on the front lines. Sometimes a little spiritual healing is the medicine we need. “As a chaplain and as… Read More »

Hundreds infected, several dead: How COVID-19 has affected the unsung essential workers in retail

As an associate manager at a No Frills supermarket, Helen Stathopoulos rarely had to confront existential worries on the job. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic. For two months, she and colleagues in north-end Toronto have faced daily risk of infection in one of the few environments where a locked-down populace routinely congregated in large numbers.… Read More »

Health officials had plenty of warning after SARS. Why weren’t they prepared for COVID-19?

What went wrong? What can Canada do to fix it before the next wave hits? This detailed look at Canada’s delayed response to the coronavirus outbreak is part of the Post’s ongoing Lessons from a Pandemic series. The Canadian economy is cautiously reopening, new COVID-19 cases are declining steadily and public health officials were finally… Read More »