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Zantac and some OTC meds found to contain suspected carcinogen first discovered in blood pressure drugs

The saga of potentially dangerous impurities in the U.S. drug supply continues. A suspected cancer-causing impurity that has been found in some blood pressure medicines has now shown up in Sanofi’s Zantac and some over-the-counter heartburn drugs.  At this point, the FDA says that while N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) has been discovered in these ranitidine medicines like… Read More »

Dr Miriam Stoppard: Stimulating the ear could ease arthritis without use of drugs

There’s a field of science that’s based on knowledge of how the brain works – focusing on chemical targets within cells themselves, and uses bioengineering to tap into the brain to treat diseases and injuries without using drugs. And it’s having promising results, so it’s worth a careful look. Called bioelectronic medicine (yes, it’s a… Read More »