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New study shows that one third of Irish people exercise every day

Independent research experts iReach have released findings from a survey they carried out prior to the COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland. The survey, which was carried out on behalf of leading protection specialist Royal London, asked over 1,000 adults nationwide if they exercised regularly and if so, how often. 33% of respondents said they did in… Read More »

How important is exercise for diabetics

People who suffer from diabetes are commonly told that the key to improved diabetes control involves lifestyle changes, including a regular exercise routine. Exercise is simply getting physically active and increasing your heart rate. This can include marathon running, but it also includes walking, biking, gardening, climbing stairs, chair exercises, stretch-band exercises, Zumba, yoga, etc.… Read More »

How cardiovascular disease will affect exercise prescription

Exercise and Your Heart. Find a provider. Q: Popular participation in long-distance mass events, such as half-marathon, marathon, road cycling, open-water swimming, IronMan etc, has exponentially increased the number of participants in the recent years. Related Articles. On the other hand, sudden cardiac death, always a very dramatic event, is a rare event that is… Read More »

What exercise for depression

This gradual increase in exercise intensity will progressively allow people to return to their chosen pastime in a safe and effective manner. Heart conditions that are being managed with medication, without any form of surgery, will require a stress test prior to what exercise for depression any training program to ensure adequate blood supply to… Read More »