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Why is the North and Scotland being hit so badly? Experts say it could be the weather

Is the WEATHER to blame for Britain’s North-South Covid-19 divide? Areas with highest infection rates are colder, rainier and get fewer hours of sunlight as scientists say it’s possible grimmer summer was behind spike in cases North West is location of all ten of the UK’s local areas with the worst cases-per-person number of infections… Read More »

Home COVID-19 tests could help find people while they are contagious, experts say. Health Canada isn’t convinced

Article content continued “If it’s done in a haphazard way … you might actually create more problems, confusion than the actual benefits because you might get maybe a higher risk of false negative results,” Dr. Howard Njoo, Canada’s deputy chief public health officer, said Tuesday during a COVID-19 briefing. Morris wants the government to seriously… Read More »

‘Optimism tinged with anxiety’: What to expect from the next 100 days of COVID-19, according to experts

Article content “What’s keeping you awake at night?” That’s the question we put to doctors, scientists, philosophers, psychologists, futurists, microbiologists and bioethicists, 100 days after the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. We asked the experts what they’re anticipating for the next 100 days, what we should do differently, what worries them most.… Read More »

Expert’s solution to a massive problem

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are 12 times more likely to be in jail than non-Indigenous Australians, and their rate of imprisonment has more than doubled in two decades. The issue of Indigenous incarceration has been thrust back on the agenda in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests earlier this month, which attracted tens… Read More »