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Drinking Tea Tied to Better Heart Health

Drinking tea may be good for your heart, researchers report. Chinese scientists analyzed data from a continuing health study conducted in 15 provinces since 1998. The data included a wide range of health and behavioral information on 100,109 adults, including self-reports of tea consumption. Over an average follow-up of seven years, there were 3,683 heart… Read More »

What is heart line on palm

The person with this what is heart line on palm of heart line has a tendency to be emotionally cut off but still has strong sexual instincts. It is also indicates that you are faithful and honest in relationships. If the line is thin and short, such a person to appreciate financial situation. Such people… Read More »

What heart rate zone for weight loss

Training in this zone will only what heart rate zone for weight loss possible for short periods of time. I was never in my fat-burning zone! But what was really revealing to me was that the zones I’ve always done cardio in have either been way too high or way too low. Shape is part… Read More »

Pot Use Appears to Change Structure of Your Heart: Study

The findings were published Dec. 18 in JACC Cardiovascular Imaging. McLaughlin characterized the study as “hypothesis-generating,” rather than a solid result. “It’s not a definitive answer by any means, but it gives us reason to investigate the effect of marijuana on heart structure,” she said. Because the study was observational, it’s hard to know whether… Read More »