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Which meat is healthiest to eat?

Dear Dr. Manny, What kind of meat is the best meat to eat? I keep hearing that red meat is bad for you and can cause all kinds of diseases. Is that true? What does it do to the body?  Thanks for your question. There is no one good meat for everyone to eat because… Read More »

Clearing up the confusion over red meat recommendations

GAZETTE: The panel didn’t consider environmental impact when forming their guidelines. You and Harvard Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment Director Gina McCarthy recently noted in a Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Viewpoint that increased sustainability is a potential benefit of the new plant-based meat alternatives. Why is it so important… Read More »

Is red meat back on the menu?

A controversial study says cutting down on sausages, mince, steak and all other forms of red or processed meat is a waste of time for most people. The report – which disagrees with most major organisations on the planet – says the evidence is weak and any risk to people’s health is small. Some experts… Read More »