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Will COVID-19 Force The South To Finally Confront Structural Racism Within Their Medicaid Programs?

By MIKE MAGEE If you would like to visit the meeting place of America’s two great contemporary pandemics –COVID-19 and structural racism – you need only visit America’s Nursing Homes. This should come as no surprise to Medical Historians familiar with our Medicaid program. Prejudice and bias were baked in well before the signing of Medicaid and… Read More »

Appeals Court Rejects Trump Medicaid Work Requirements in Arkansas

A federal appeals court panel on Friday unanimously upheld a lower court’s ruling striking down work rules for Medicaid recipients in Arkansas, casting more doubt over broader Trump administration efforts to require poor people to work, volunteer or train for a job as a condition of getting government health coverage. A three-judge panel of the… Read More »

Scarcity In Digital Health Innovation For Medicaid Populations: Is Help On The Way?

Members of an underserved community engaged with mobile devices LK Fitzpatrick According to Rock Health, in 2018 the digital health sector enjoyed investments of over $ 8 billion with nearly $ 1 billion invested thus far in 2019. However, despite nearly $ 600 billion spent annually in Medicaid programs, investment to spur digital health innovation… Read More »