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What can we do to prevent malaria

There are three types of insecticide spraying to kill malaria mosquitoes: in houses, in the air and onto water. Malaria can be prevented and treated with medicine as directed by a health worker. The medical professionals all diagnosed flu. Dominador Tomate, California, USA African countries should subsidised medicines and mosquito nets. Dr Chigbo Okonkwo, United… Read More »

Medical News Today: Could a probiotic prevent or reverse Parkinson’s?

A new study using a roundworm model of Parkinson’s disease found that a probiotic bacterium could prevent, and in some cases reverse, toxic protein buildup. Misfolded alpha-synuclein proteins in the brain are the hallmark sign of Parkinson’s disease. Many experts believe that these toxic protein clumps lead to the progressive loss of brain cells that… Read More »

How to prevent getting the stomach flu

I have a true phobia of vomiting. When this is done it transforms the milk’s sugar into lactic acid. Don’t spend any additional time in the waiting room at the student health center or doctor’s office. Susan, they don’t teach alternative medicine in Medical School. Finally, while there are no guarantees, it still can’t hurt… Read More »

Q: Can I prevent stroke? How is it treated?

Any sudden event that’s an insult to the brain is a stroke. They can manifest in different ways. Within the main ‘insult’ that can happen to the brain, the brain can get injured either by not having enough blood getting there, which means a lack of oxygen and nutrients going into certain areas of the… Read More »