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How Nutrition-Tech Could Save Our Healthcare System And Billions Of Lives Around The World – Forbes

Hippocrates conceived one of the most revolutionary health concepts, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” around 400 BC, yet modern society has yet to capitalize on this concept. The world’s pharmaceutical market, worth $ 934.8 billion in 2017, is projected to reach a staggering $ 1170 billion by 2021, while the… Read More »

7 Tips For Better Sleep, And How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Save You With Acupuncture

Many people today like to brag about how little they sleep and how much they work, but there’s nothing healthy at all about this kind of lifestyle. Chronic lack of sleep is associated with a worrying array of health effects, from impaired cognition and high blood pressure, to increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.… Read More »

Viewpoints: Health Plans Play A Key Role In The Opioid Epidemic; Effective Intervention Can Save Gun Massacre Survivors

Editorial pages focus on these and other health topics. Stat: The Opioid Crisis Is Partly Fueled By Insurers’ Approach To Back Pain  At some point in their lives, 80 percent of adults will experience lower back pain. It’s the second most common reason that adults see a doctor and the most common reason for disability.… Read More »