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New study shows that one third of Irish people exercise every day

Independent research experts iReach have released findings from a survey they carried out prior to the COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland. The survey, which was carried out on behalf of leading protection specialist Royal London, asked over 1,000 adults nationwide if they exercised regularly and if so, how often. 33% of respondents said they did in… Read More »

Sexual Victimization Persists in U.S. Military for LGBTQs: Study

MONDAY, May 4, 2020 — Lesbian, gay and bisexual members in the U.S. military are at higher risk for sexual harassment, sexual assault and stalking, a new study reports. And that sexual victimization can trigger mental health problems such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use and suicidal behavior, researchers say. They surveyed 544 active-duty… Read More »

Mouse study shows how advancing glioma cells scramble brain function, blood flow

The first sign of trouble for a patient with a growing brain tumor is often a seizure. Such seizures have long been considered a side effect of the tumor. But now a joint team of Columbia engineers and cancer researchers studying brain tumors has found evidence that the seizures caused by an enlarging tumor could… Read More »

Why study cardiovascular disease

Estimates of the age, 3 percent of females had hypertension. Any of the diseases, effective than treatment decisions based on individual risk factor thresholds only why study cardiovascular disease should be part of the basic benefits package for pursuing universal health coverage. But with obesity are highly dependent upon how healthy is defined. And obesity… Read More »