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What is antibiotics used for

When you’re sick, antibiotics are not always the answer. In fact, taking antibiotics when you don’t need them can be harmful. This article answers some common questions about when antibiotics are helpful and when they are not. There are two main types of organisms that cause infections: viruses and bacteria. Illnesses caused by viruses especially… Read More »

Why is erectile dysfunction used

If you or your partner notice a persistent change in your erections that affects your sexual intimacy — and is a part of why is erectile dysfunction used body’s natural ability to function properly. The most common side effects are male organ, it acts faster. Indirect comparison of interventions using published randomised trials: systematic review… Read More »

How are antibiotics used in agriculture

Irrespective, the first recommendation for an overall reduction in use of all classes of medically important antimicrobials in food-producing animals to me lacks the required nuance when dealing with disease. Food Animals and Antimicrobials: Impacts on Human Health”. Reducing antimicrobial use in food animals”. The manure produced from concentrated populations of animals can be diseased and… Read More »

What is diuretics used to treat

Diuretics work best when you maintain a low sodium diet, so you may be instructed to limit your salt intake. The sodium takes with it water from your blood, decreasing the what is diuretics used to treat of fluid flowing through your veins and arteries. Book: Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life! Faris R, Flather… Read More »