Why your anxiety is lying to you

By | April 17, 2020

why your anxiety is lying to you

And your mind is literally running in circles faster than you can keep up. And the longer you focus on the anxious thoughts or sensations in your body, the more anxious you feel. Because this revved-up, anxious feeling lies to you and tries to convince you that you are sick or going crazy. And when it succeeds at convincing you, then you start to worry about these feelings never going away and being a sign that you are weak and incapable. None of this is true about you. Do you believe me? First of all, we all experience anxiety sometimes.

Hi Hailey, You’re not alone. These are just listed as information. If you believe the lies that anxiety tells you about there being something wrong with you, you will want to eliminate all anxiety to feel better about yourself. Some common ways to soften anxiety are exercising, deep breathing, journaling, listening to music, meditating, and reading.

Anxiety lies to you. It tells you lies in order to bully you and control you. A common complaint among people living with one or more anxiety disorders is that they can’t get the racing thoughts of anxiety out of their head. A reason for this is that anxiety, seemingly without stopping, feeds lies directly into your brain.

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